DigiSomo Video Tutorials

Discover how PortableVoices collaborated with Somo Africa to create digital videos that equip entrepreneurs with essential business skills.

Project overview

Digisomo is an educational initiative by Somo Africa aimed at empowering entrepreneurs with essential business skills through digital videos. The videos cover topics such as business management, marketing strategies, financial planning, and more. Somo Africa recognized the growing need for accessible and practical resources to support entrepreneurs in Africa, especially in regions where traditional educational opportunities are limited. 

The Brief

The brief was to develop a series of digital videos that provide practical insights and guidance to entrepreneurs in Africa. The videos were intended to be accessible, easy to understand, and actionable, helping entrepreneurs overcome challenges and achieve success in their ventures.  

Our Approach

We took a collaborative approach to video production, working closely with the team at Somo Africa to understand their target audience, objectives, and key messages. Our team leveraged storytelling techniques, visual aids, and trainer videos to create engaging and informative content that resonated with viewers.  

The Results

The partnership between PortableVoices and Somo Africa resulted in the successful creation of the Digisomo digital video series. The videos received positive feedback from entrepreneurs, educators, and industry professionals for their clarity, relevance, and practicality. The Digisomo project continues to empower and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs across Africa. 


Videos Produced


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