We are a content development and media production company located in Nairobi Kenya. We bring expertise, technology, and Africa’s best storytellers together to create Pan-African audio and video content that empower minds and increase access to information and education in Africa. Our mission is to spread knowledge and happiness through Narratives.


Audio Production

We offer a range of in-studio and out-of-studio audio recording and production services for all kind of interactive media – animations, games, film and documentaries, advertisements and podcasts that enable you to produce audio content that sound great.

Video Production

Looking for a promo video that gives people reasons to become a fan of your brand, product or service? We work with your in-house marketing or advertising team to develop branded and sponsored content that works. We’re equipped to handle all aspects of your projects, from creative, production, post-production and delivery.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Want to simplify a complex or complicated product, service or company story? Our animation team creates videos that are super effective tools for simplifying and clarifying information fast and to the point.

Video Production Subscription Packages are Now Available!


To assure every project we handle  is a success, we follow a proven process that we have been perfecting to ensure we efficiently manage the production process, workflow, and collaboration.


During pre-production, this is when big decisions are made and key resources are gathered. At this stage, We also take time map out your story with mood boards, storyboards and scripts, and prepping for the shoot with casting, location scouting, wardrobe and more.


Lights, camera, action! No matter how elaborate your video, our production team comes ready to crush production day — and we going for the gold in every single scene.


At the post-production stage, In our editing and post-production team bring all the pieces of your video together and fold in special effects, graphics, music and sound mixing. We’ll want your input and sign-off at every turn to ensure the final cut is flawless.