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King of Hearts


Poem about love and the feeling it evokes in us. Written by Edel Were narrated by Camilla Okongo

Mahojiano Baina ya Sehemu za Mwili


Kutokana na uzozanaji wa sehemu za mwili – Macho, Pua, Sikio, Bongo, mwoyo na Kinywa, Mwenyekiti anaita mjadala ili kujadadili jinsi ya kusuruhisha mzozo huo. Kipiindi hiki kimedhaminia kufunza umuhimu wa kila sehemu za mwili.

Voices in a Generation


Voices in a Generation is a compilation of short stories from alumni of Strathmore University, Great Books course,. These stories express the daily lives of Kenyans from all walks.or life…detailing love, politics unemployment, family, betrayal, revenge and more

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