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All-Inclusive Publishing

Turn your manuscript into a Professionally Published book.

Book Writing Coaching

Get expert guidance to help you write, publish, and market your book.

Book Writing Training

Develop your writing ability and fill gaps in your knowledge.

Global eBook Distribution

Reach millions of readers on Amazon and across the globe with the largest eBook retail network around. You also keep 100% of your publishing rights and net eBook sales from online retailers. PortableVoices takes zero commission.

Print On Demand (POD)

Print On Demand is the most affordable way to get your book directly to readers. When readers order your book, we print and ship your book straight to them, earning you worldwide book sales without worrying about large print runs, inventory storage, or shipping.

Global audiobook distribution

Along with ebook and print, PortableVoices helps manage audiobook production and distribution with time-saving and sales-boosting features. PortableVoices takes 0 sales commission except sales on PortableVoices E-store, meaning your take-home royalties are the same as going directly to stores.

Book Store

Enjoy more control and higher royalty rates when you sell on PortableVoices Online Bookstore.

  • You make 80% royalties on your retail price—up to 3x more than other self-publishing options.
  • You get paid faster—just days after your book is ordered.
  • Your printed book is guaranteed to be available.
  • Your book is up for sale within a few days of your finalized book printing order.

Book Promotion

The Book Promotion Bundle puts your book front and center:

  • As a New Release on the front page of the PV Bookstore for one week.
  • Include in our new releases email sent to thousands of book buyers browsing for new titles.
  • Social media posts with a direct link to your sales page.