Preferred Personnel Africa Website Redesign

Discover how PortableVoices transformed Preferred Personnel Africa's online presence through a comprehensive website redesign, elevating user experience and boosting brand visibility.

Case overview

Preferred Personnel Africa, a prominent recruitment agency operating in Africa, approached PortableVoices with the aim of modernizing their online presence. The project sought to revamp their website to reflect their industry leadership, showcase their diverse range of recruitment services, and streamline the candidate application process. PortableVoices undertook the challenge to create a dynamic and user-centric website that would reinforce Preferred Personnel Africa’s brand identity while providing an intuitive and engaging user experience. 

The Brief

Preferred Personnel Africa sought a website redesign that would transcend the traditional boundaries of recruitment platforms. They envisioned a sleek, modern interface that would captivate users from the moment they landed on the site. The goal was to streamline the candidate journey, provide comprehensive information about the agency’s services, and establish Preferred Personnel Africa as the go-to destination for top-tier talent acquisition across Africa.

  • Create a modern, captivating interface.
  • Streamline the candidate journey.
  • Provide comprehensive information about services.
  • Establish Preferred Personnel Africa as the top destination for talent acquisition in Africa.

Our Approach

PortableVoices commenced the redesign process with a meticulous audit of the existing website, identifying pain points and areas ripe for improvement. Collaborative workshops were held to define the design direction, incorporating Preferred Personnel Africa’s brand aesthetic and values into every aspect of the website. Through wireframes and prototypes, we conceptualized an intuitive navigation structure and engaging user interface. Leveraging responsive design principles, we ensured seamless functionality across all devices, optimizing user experience regardless of the platform. Additionally, our team implemented robust SEO strategies to enhance the website’s search engine visibility, driving organic traffic and amplifying the agency’s online presence. Compelling content was curated to spotlight Preferred Personnel Africa’s industry expertise, client success stories, and career opportunities, fostering engagement and trust among visitors. 

The Results

Following the website redesign undertaken by PortableVoices, Preferred Personnel Africa witnessed a profound transformation in their online presence, marking a significant milestone in their digital journey. The collaborative efforts and meticulous attention to detail culminated in a series of remarkable outcomes that not only exceeded client expectations but also positioned the agency for accelerated growth and success:


Significant Increase in Traffic


Decrease in bounce rate


Enhanced Business Growth

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