Refushe Video Translation

Learn how PortableVoices partnered with Diallo Communication to provide multilingual captioning and dubbing services, ensuring that refugee voices are heard and understood across languages and borders.

Case overview

The Refushee Project is a multimedia initiative spearheaded by Diallo Communication, dedicated to raising awareness about refugee issues and fostering cultural understanding. Through a series of compelling videos featuring interviews, testimonials, and educational content, the project aims to amplify the voices of refugees and challenge misconceptions about their experiences.  

The Brief

PortableVoices received a comprehensive brief outlining the objectives and vision for the Refushee Project. The brief emphasized the project’s mission to raise awareness about refugee issues and promote cultural understanding through multimedia content. Key aspects of the brief included:  

  • Multilingual Accessibility: Given the diverse audiences targeted by the project, the brief highlighted the need for multilingual accessibility in the video content. PortableVoices was tasked with providing video captioning and dubbing services in multiple languages, including French, Somali, Kinyamlenge, and English, to ensure that the message reached audiences across linguistic barriers.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Recognizing the sensitivity of the subject matter, the brief emphasized the importance of cultural sensitivity and empathy in portraying refugee experiences. PortableVoices was tasked with preserving the tone and emotional resonance of the original content in the translated versions, ensuring that cultural nuances were accurately represented and respected.

  • Timely Delivery: The brief outlined strict deadlines for the delivery of captioned and dubbed videos, highlighting the urgency of the project and the need for timely completion. PortableVoices was expected to meet these deadlines with precision and professionalism, ensuring that the project’s objectives were achieved within the specified timeframe. 

Our Approach

In response to the comprehensive brief, PortableVoices developed a tailored approach to video captioning and dubbing that aligned with the project’s objectives and vision. Our team leveraged our linguistic expertise, cultural sensitivity, and commitment to excellence to ensure that the captioned and dubbed videos effectively conveyed the message of the Refushee Project across linguistic and cultural barriers. By meeting strict deadlines and delivering high-quality captioned and dubbed videos, PortableVoices played a crucial role in amplifying the voices of refugees and promoting cultural understanding through the Refushee Project.  

The Results

The collaboration between PortableVoices and Diallo Communication on the Refushee Project resulted in a powerful and impactful multimedia campaign. By providing multilingual captioning and dubbing services, we enabled the project to reach audiences across linguistic and cultural barriers, amplifying the voices of refugees and promoting greater empathy and understanding. The Refushee Project continues to inspire positive change and raise awareness about refugee issues, leaving a lasting impact on viewers worldwide.


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