Book Writing Service for Professionals.

Interview-to-book Book Writing Service is an interview-based book writing and publishing service designed for busy entrepreneurs, consultants, and executives who want to write and publish a professional book in their words and in their voice—but don’t have the time or desire to type it themselves.

Ksh. 50,000/m

for 6 months

We interview you for the content, we do the writing, editing and publishing.

What is Included?

PortableVoices Interview-to-Book Package includes everything you need to validate and develop your book idea, then write and edit it, design and publish it, and get it out to the world.


  • 2 hours per week on the phone over the span of
    9-12 months
  • Transcription into written content


  • A beautifully designed cover and interior layout
  • Full coordination of all publishing details (ISBN, bio, description, etc.)
  • Hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats included
  • You retain all rights and ownership of the book


  • Full printing services, with the ability to order unlimited copies at production cost (with an initial 10-copy gift from us)
  • Full distribution through major online retailers (Amazon, Jumia Books etc)
  • You keep 100% of royalties.


  • Complete strategy and templates to secure early reviews
  • A full set of social media posts and graphics for launch week
  • A scheduled podcast interview on you and your book
  • A published excerpt from your book released during launch week
  • Strategy and templates for you to leverage your network
  • Consultation with our Author Marketing team to develop a custom plan for your launch and beyond
  • Access to our Book Marketing Course


PortableVoices can facilitate the creation, production, and distribution of an audiobook version of your book. The audiobook will be recorded by a voice actor at a professional studio and available for purchase on,, iTunes, and Spotify.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I do PortableVoices Self-Publishing, am I the author of the book? Is it in my voice?

Yes, you’re the sole author of your book, and it’s entirely in your voice. You are the only one contributing the ideas, the knowledge, and the content to the book. All we do is help you with the parts of book writing that you aren’t an expert at; positioning, structuring, etc.

We’re able to do this because the book is literally created entirely from interviews and discussions with you.

Can I use my own Write Up?

Yes and no.

Many Authors come to us having written quite a bit of material. Regardless of what they have written, we always start at the beginning of our process and work through the positioning, and structuring stages. After the structure is done, we can assess whether any of your existing writing fits into the book. If it does, great. We will happily slide it in.

We do it this way because we’ve found that starting fresh enables the author to prioritize exactly what they want to get from their book, what audience they need to reach, and what they have to offer that audience (this is positioning).

Often when this becomes clear, it turns out that what they’ve written is not directly on point for the end result they want, and we don’t want pre-existing material to bias decisions or lead them astray.

What if I don’t like my book?

It’s fairly common for authors to be unsatisfied with their rough draft—almost all authors feel this way about their book at some point in the process

That is why we have multiple rounds of revisions and corrections. You will never just “see” your book at some stage and be surprised by it. We have intentionally set up our process to include constant iterations and feedback and changes.

Virtually all of our Authors are happy with their book by the time it gets to final revisions.

Who designs the book covers? Do I get to give feedback on that?

Your book cover and manuscript interior layout will be designed by our designers, but you have full creative control.

Before we start the design process, you’ll have a long conversation with the Creative Director to understand your vision for the cover (if you have any). We organize this information into a design brief and use it to create a series of initial cover designs, which you will review and give feedback on. Just like all parts of our process, you will have full, 100% approval of your cover.

How long will my book be?

Book length is entirely dependent on the specific Author and the topic of their book.

Who will I be working with in the process?

Your publishing team, which will be led by your Publishing Manager. They are your main point of contact and are in charge of ensuring you get a great book.