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Our Capabilities

We make diverse and captivating videos that do whatever our clients need them to do — every single one forged from a creative process to accomplish highly specific business goals.

Educational Videos

Education is a subject near and dear to us here at PortableVoices Media, and we are always excited by an opportunity to help shape minds. After years of learning and refining our craft, we’ve come to understand precisely what makes these videos work, and that experience makes us an educational video company like no other.

We know that you are looking for pieces that do more than just deliver accurate info. You need videos with the right tone to capture your students’ interest. Videos that combine meaningful storytelling with dynamic visuals to bring your curriculums to life. That’s the only way to make pieces that can genuinely educate, and that’s exactly what our company can do for you.

Product Videos

We create product videos that work. Whether you are selling on your website, Amazon, in-store or for a launch, we can help you with a video that drives sales. We tell your story about a product that solves problems. Our product videos can help you debut something new, increase sales and encourage maximum engagement.

Brand Videos

Today customers have so many choices, use a company brand video to show off your key features and why you are the best choice. Looking for a highlight reel that gives people reasons to become a fan of your brand? We’ll create core values-focused company videos you can use to anchor your website, shake up social media, amaze your email database, or tickle your target market wherever you want to boost brand enthusiasm.

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