Literary works published by PortableVoices must adhere to the following requirements. PortableVoices Quality Assurance team may reject titles that do not meet these standards, and their retail release may be delayed. The following requirements help ensure customers get a great customer Experience.

Your submitted work must be consistent in overall storyline and formatting.

Consistency in storyline, tone, noise level, spacing, and pronunciation gives the reader and listener an enjoyable experience. Drastic changes are not reflective of a professional production. This distracts from the reading and listening experience and may lead to poor reviews and reduced sales.

Each file must contain only one chapter or section.

You'll be prompted to upload a full manuscript or each file individually. Both the opening credits and closing credits must be separate files. This ensures readers and listeners can easily navigate between sections, and that skipping forwards or backwards moves them forward or back one section.

Each file must contain the section header, if contained within the manuscript (e.g., ``Prologue``, ``Chapter 1``, ``Chapter 2``).

These sections help the reader and listener understand what section of the book they are reading or listening to without having to look back and forth. If a section header is found to be missing during the PortableVoices QA review, you will be contacted to make revisions which could delay the release of your title.

Each audio file must measure between -23dB and -18dB RMS.

Simply put, all audio files must fall within a specific volume range. By keeping all audio files within this range - not too loud and not too soft - listeners won't have to constantly adjust the volume of their device.

Each audio file must have peak values no higher than -3dB.

By leaving this headroom you'll reduce the possibility of distortion, which can reduce the quality of the listening experience. This headroom is also needed to ensure files are successfully encoded.

Each audio file must have a noise floor no higher than -60dB RMS.

Noisy files that contain background sounds and other distractions make it difficult for listeners to focus.

Each audio file must be 192kbps or higher 44.1kHz MP3, Constant Bit Rate (CBR).

Before going on sale i, titles are encoded in a variety of formats that customers have the option of downloading. 192kbps (or higher), Constant Bit Rate MP3 files are required so this encoding process works without error. You may upload 256kbps or 320kbps files if you'd like, but the difference in quality heard by listeners will be negligible.

All audio files must be the same channel format (All mono or all stereo files).

Submitted audiobooks may not contain both mono and stereo files. Stereo files must not be joint-stereo. Mono files are strongly recommended. Titles submitted with both stereo and mono files will cause errors during this encoding process and the title’s retail release may be delayed. We recommend mono for all of your files as this may prove to be the smoothest path that also allows for audio consistency.

Your submitted audiobook must be narrated by a human.

PortableVoices doesn’t accept text-to-speech or other automated recordings.