We provide a range of studio hiring services, including Podcasting, and Voice-Over services. Each recording session includes an onsite engineer.

Studio Rental

Studio Rental is for those who are NOT interested in using our services on a recurring basis. It’s perfect for one-offs, pilots, demos, or when you need a more professional recording equipment and more in-studio options. We consider all time used to produce your content. A 60 minute session can sometimes bill for 80 minutes as we count the time it takes to process your content into whatever format you wish it to be. We monitor the time and are as efficient as possible.


recording only
Ksh. 2,500 per hour

Audio + Video

recording only
Ksh. 5,000 per hour

Monthly Packages

Monthly packages for clients who are interested in working with us on an ongoing basis. This program is for those clients who are looking for everything to be taken care of, from production to post-edit and the deployment of the episode assets on an ongoing basis. You get access to our in-studio resources, which are the Branding option, Sound Bites and Media Center. You also can access our discounted monthly subscription program, where you can save 10%. We store all content in the cloud using Google Drive for the life of the project and subscription.


1 session per month
Ksh. 3,000 Per Month


2 sessions per month
Ksh. 5,000 Per Month


4 sessions per month
Ksh. 7,500 Per Month


To Book your own session, you can give us a call or email us