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We help creators of make a living from their talent and influence.


Calling all African content creators

You’ve spent the last few years building your brand, improving your content, and growing your audience. But somehow, people still think a free product or a coupon code can pay your bills.

Well, that’s where PortableVoices comes in! We’re a talent management agency whose sole mission is to help African content creators become self-employed while doing what they love. We help you build your personal brand and pitch you to companies for paid collaborations.


Three ways to work with us.


When you join our Squad (aka collective), you will be one of the first to learn about our new campaign opportunities. If the campaign matches your brand, we will invite you to apply to join.


Rep is for creators that want the perks of management while still staying independent. Similar to traditional talent agencies, we pitch you for new opportunities and negotiate your incoming deals. 


As your brand continues to grow, you may need a partner to help you go next level. That is where our Partnership comes in. We help you create new biz opportunities using your influence (i.e. TV, products, speaking, books, etc)


Here’s what you get when you join our collective.


We work to secure new campaign opps while negotiating your incoming deals


We handle the briefs & contracts, while you focus on the content.


We’re here to support you as you take your personal brand to the next level. 


You receive exclusive perks and benefits from our brand partners. 


We provide access to legal advice to ensure everything is legit.


We track the effectiveness of your content to showcase ROI.

Frequently asked questions

Just click on the Apply Now button below to answer a few questions and find out whether you qualify.

Your follower count is important but it is not the only thing we consider. We also take into account your talent, content quality, years of experience, among other things. Generally, we look for creators with a reach of at least 5k, however, there are exceptions. 

Nope. Not unless you are part of mgmt. We operate non-exclusively so you are free to work on other gigs and collaborations outside of PV Creators Network.

However, we provide the option for you to let us answer your emails and negotiate incoming deals on your behalf.

Even better! It is great to know you already have someone else helping you build your brand. We invite managers to apply to PV Creators Network on behalf of their clients.

We charge an annual membership fee where a portion of this fee goes to cover network expenses. However, We only get paid when you get paid. Your pay rate depends on which PV Creators Network membership you are part of.

Feel free to get in touch with our team at 

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