Top-quality sales lists tailored to your needs

Create a B2B lead database and supercharge it with detailed lead research to boost your bottom-funnel conversions.

How our Lead Research Services Works

We collect any lead data and sales intel to streamline your appointment setting.

Take a moment to consider

Choosing a sales and marketing agency is the matter of the highest responsibility. Find out whether our offer and your expectations synergize.

It’s a match if:

  • Your in-house capacity isn’t enough to secure enough leads
  • Your experience high bounce rates because of outdated data
  • Your leads barely convert into replies, not to mention appointments
  • You struggle with finding verified contacts
  • Your past attempts to buy a lead list weren’t successful
  • Your team struggles with manual entries and other routine tasks
  • You think you’ve exhausted all possible data sources and ICPs

We are not a match in these cases...

  • We don’t sell ready-to-go lead databases
  • We’ll likely waste your time and our efforts in vain if you don’t have a detailed stop-list
  • We won't be able to deliver results if you decide to market multiple products to different ICPs at once
  • We guarantee appointments with relevant people, not instant deals


We use legitimate and regularly updated platforms like Crunchbase and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In the more peculiar cases, we apply to open data sources and run additional rounds of verification.

Sure, we can make research to update your own lists. Moreover, analyzing your lead generation history gives us a clearer picture of the strategy we can use and what points we can enhance.

Our research team uses top-notch tools for leads verification. One of them are QuickEmailVerification, Gmass, and our own instruments.

There are 3 main options we can offer our clients in such cases. We launch reengaging campaigns on those leads who didn’t respond, expand the pool of titles, or deepen our search to other industries and sub-verticals.

We offer different pricing packages for lead research. And for the most specific cases, we calculate a personalized quote that matches clients’ capacity and sales goals. 

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