Don’t let your leads slip away. Convert them into clients

Streamline your sales pipeline and grow your sales. By acquiring 100% well-fitted leads and managing them with top-tier automation and relevant messaging, we direct your sales and marketing efforts the right way.

How our lead management service works

We’ve elaborated the result-oriented process based on team work. This is how it goes.

Take a moment to consider

Choosing a sales and marketing agency is the matter of the highest responsibility. Find out whether our offer and your expectations synergize.

It’s a match if:

  • You have numerous opportunities but they don’t convert
  • You struggle with categorizing and prioritizing huge inflows of leads
  • You don’t have the right team to delegate time-consuming lead management
  • You keep receiving “doesn’t fit” replies from your leads
  • You need to reduce customer acquisition cost

We are not a match in some cases...

  • You don’t need hundreds of leads, but just a few to stay in the game
  • You can’t provide enough case studies and useful materials that we could use for nurturing
  • You aren’t ready to delegate communication with your prospects
  • You think outsourced SDRs can’t get the job done


Our lead capture process involves creating targeted email outreach campaigns and syncing lead data with your CRM or marketing automation system.

Known by many, BANT comes to our clients’ minds most often. But it doesn’t work when it comes to outbound, so we don’t apply it. Instead, we create a new process to qualify leads. It’s tailored to your specific needs, sales cycle, buying behavior of your decision-makers, and other factors.

We integrate specific questions related to your industry in the very first messages we send. It allows us to sift out the least perspective leads. We also take into account lead behavior, demographics, firmographics, and other factors to identify the leads with the highest likelihood of conversion. Finally, we apply a combination of behavioral and predictive scoring to ensure that leads are prioritized based on their likelihood to convert.

This includes lead quality (the level of compliance with the ICP), lead volume, reply types, follow-up value, conversion rates, appointment rates, ROI, and CAC. We also provide detailed reporting and analytics to help clients understand the impact of our services on their business.

At the very beginning of the project, – in the first two weeks, – we provide you with a batch of pilot leads and see how they perform. And by the end of the first month, you can expect your campaign to be set at full steam, yielding first appointments.

Depends on your needs and resources. In most cases, an in-house sales team will drain your budget at about $150K yearly, while an outsourced one will cost you 3 times less — around $40–50K each year. Another advantage of outsourcing SDRs is that you can choose those who have more profound expertise in your niche. Anyways, before making the final decision, we recommend you come up with your own criteria and evaluate each option.

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