The right CRM is your 50% success of winning clients

Get the power of CRM that’ll help you establish meaningful relations with your clients, bring marketing and sales on the same page, tune processes, and close more deals.

Are you struggling with any of these?

We’ve created and fine-tuned a process that helps us to get the most out of each stage of targeting, qualifying, and nurturing your leads.

Something’s off with your sales process

Resolve the issues with automated day-to-day tasks

Opportunities aren’t closing

Reach up to 200% increase in deals closing

New clients acquisition costs you a fortune

Achieve reduced CAC via right targeting and qualification

Your pipeline is a mess with little to no visibility

Get up-to-date, healthy, and scalable pipeline

How CRM integration works

Check what the process of CRM rollout looks like.

What to Consider

To make our collaboration mutually beneficial, let’s align our expectations. 

It’s a match!

  • You need to improve revenue team’s efficiency and retention
  • Your follow-up process leaves much to be desired
  • Your opportunities aren’t turning into contracts
  • You’ve got little to no pipeline visibility
  • You desperately need to set up your processes
  • Your team struggles with manual entries and other routine tasks
  • Your sales and marketing efforts aren’t aligned
  • You need to reduce customer acquisition cost

It'll not work out in these cases:

  • We don’t work with custom CRMs
  • We don’t develop add-on or extensions for your existing CRM


We use their CRM on our own and can help you with the integration of Sales and Marketing Hub Professional into your business processes.

Unfortunately, no. We work with HubSpot and Bitrix 24 only, as they have proven their efficiency for us and our clients.

We sure do. This option is a part of our sales enablement service. We can analyze your pipeline, get in touch with those prospects who weren’t followed up, and update statuses in your opportunities.

It depends on the type of package and configurations, as well as on your current system state. Get a personalized price quote to match your requirements and specifics. 


Ready to start getting clients?

Set up a brief meeting with one of the PortableVoices sales specialist to facilitate your business growth.