Tailored outreach that turns ‘No’ into ‘Yes’

Reach out to 100% of the lead list with hand-crafted, consistent email cadences. 

How our cold email service works

We’ve elaborated the result-oriented process based on team work. This is how it goes.

Are we your ideal partner?

Choosing a sales and marketing agency is the matter of the highest responsibility. Find out whether our offer and your expectations synergize.

It’s a match if:

  • You ran email outreach before, but it didn’t bring expected results
  • Your cold emails keep landing spam folders
  • Your open and reply rates remain fairly poor
  • You don’t know how to present your value proposition
  • You don’t have resources to hire and educate new sales team
  • You have issues in targeting gatekeepers
  • You long for predictable growth and rich pipeline

There might be some issues though…

  • We have ultimate expertise in the Kenyan and East African markets, but other regions might be challenging for us
  • We need clear goals and expectations on your side to set our KPIs.
  • We won’t be able to deliver if you play by the rules “selling everything to everyone”
  • We can work with your templates, but if they don’t convert, you will need to trust us 100%
  • We guarantee appointments with relevant people, not instant deals


Absolutely. Our research team use several tools to verify email addresses, names, positions, and other important data.

It depends, and the number of influencing factors is pretty extensive. For some projects, PortableVoices’ SDRs can send over 10K emails per month, while for others, this indicator can be 2-3 times lower because of the goals, ICP, market peculiarities, domain restrictions, budgets, etc.

Sure. Our SDRs reply manually and manage all the responses. On the top of that, with our writers team, they develop different scenarios and craft canned responses for the most common questions and requests.

No problem. If you need to reach out to multiple audiences, we will work on crafting messages and elaborating approaches for each.

At the very beginning of the project, – in the first two weeks, – we provide you with a batch of pilot leads and see how they perform. And by the end of the first month, you can expect your campaign to be set at full steam, yielding first appointments.

Depends on your needs and resources. In most cases, an in-house sales team will drain your budget at about $150K yearly, while an outsourced one will cost you 3 times less — around $40–50K each year. Another advantage of outsourcing SDRs is that you can choose those who have more profound expertise in your niche. Anyways, before making the final decision, we recommend you come up with your own criteria and evaluate each option.

Ready to start getting clients?

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