Brand Management Services

Improve your brand positioning, awareness, sentiments, reputation, relationship, and more with us. Our brand consultants help you to create a new brand or redefine the existing one. We ensure growth in your brand equity.


Brand management services that drive profits

We evaluate you and competing brands in terms of equities and liabilities and quantify economic value is at risk while making brand decisions. Our brand strategy is to appeal to both heart and mind through functional and emotional benefits and improve sales, profit, or overall financial performance through brand portfolio optimization. 


All visual branding elements (corporate logos, tagline, imagery, tone of voice, and color palette) optimized according to your brand values and business.


Get a domain name, own trademark, set objectives, articulate core identity, and create your user personas. We help you develop a brand identity that is timeless.


Get the name and brand identity (rebranding) or perception (repositioning) changed according to your existing brand lifecycle.


SEO, PPC, social media management, content creation & website copywriting, and more. We do all to set up your online presence in line with brand values.


Create a positive perception of your brand. Online reputation management and direct marketing optimized.


Reflect your brand values in all your marketing communications be it advertising, sales presentation, online presence or trade shows

Brand Management Services

Defining Brand Goals
A dedicated team of brand experts starts with understanding and defining your business first. We’ll learn about your business, goals, objectives, current positioning, desired customers, core strengths, weaknesses, and more. After leaning we share, our idea and with our expertise define the following branding measures: Core values of your company,, Understanding the qualities of your services, The mission of your company, Specialization your company deals in, Target market and audience
Brand Positioning
The positioning of your brand in the mind of your targeted customers is our ultimate goal in this process, to achieve that, we identify your brand’s uniqueness and key differentiating factors from your competition. Determine how your brand positioning itself, identify your direct competitors, how they are positioning their brands, and craft a brand positioning statement. We develop a distinct positioning strategy for your business, leveraging on the below-mentioned strategies, or hybridizing them. Quality Positioning Value or Price Positioning Benefit Positioning Competitor Based positioning
Brand Promotion
Creating corporate identity and presenting it to the outer world is one of the most prominent features of our services. Being one of the most creative and growth-oriented digital marketing agency, we come up with unique promotional strategies best suited for your business. Publishing articles, channeling the promotional schemes and ads towards the target audience, spreading business links throughout the web, or creating and updating the blogs and the forums, creating and sharing videos, audios, and pictures of the brand, or creating the company’s business account on leading social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or anything else we do it all.
Brand Personalization
In today’s world, brand management services cannot be complete without proper brand personalization. We ensure your brand communicate empathically with your audience and tailor to their particular needs and wants. Personalization strategy includes identifying a segment of visitors with distinct needs or preferences and providing them specific experience, online reputation, comment and criticism, and social media handle management.
Brand Monitoring
Brand awareness and level of engagement are a few indexes that help us to keep monitoring your brand success and built strategy to move towards your objectives. Social conversations are closely monitored and handle effectively to keep up the positive buzz around your brand. A dedicated brand consultant not only helps you during the unfortunate incident, which might cause a negative impact but ensures the issue is resolved with minimum damage and steer the conversation back to familiar ground. Our brand monitoring and reporting, be it weekly, monthly, quarterly, or any other time frame that suits you to keep you updated. With real-time feedback and reporting made us different and the best online brand management service provider.

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Our Approach

Discovery Session
The first step in any branding project at PortableVoices, is your brand Discovery Session. In the Discovery Session, we’ll learn about your business, your goals and objectives, customers, current positioning, and more. Your Discovery Session gives us a great insight into your business and helps to get that ball rolling.
After the Discovery Session, we begin to pull our ideas for your brand together. Once we’ve collected our thoughts, it’s time to share our ideas and thinking with you. As your branding project progresses, we design, deliver, and iterate, and you’ll have different paths to choose from and options to explore.
Bringing Your Brand to Life
Once the direction for your brand has been decided, we’ll start bringing it to life. Your brand will be wrapped up into a presentation document, showing you exactly how your brand should be used, and exploring ideas for marketing materials, and more. Once the seal of approval is given, we can help launch your new brand to the world.