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PortableVoices Self Publishing Approach

1. Evaluation:

PortableVoices receives the manuscript (or the first few sections) and does an evaluation (to determine readiness for publishing). A comprehensive report is provided with an explanation of the way forward. Evaluation takes 14 days.

Evaluation points out any gaps that the writer may need to work on before proceeding to publishing. The Report from the evaluation will be helpful to the writer in improving their script or in making changes as they proceed to publishing.

2  Contract:

Once evaluated, and established to be ready for Publishing, PortableVoices and the author sign a Publishing Contract (containing the terms of engagements, timelines and costs).

3. Strategy:

The timelines are set and agreed on by both parties. Resources are mobilized and the journey starts

4. Perspectives:

Editorial work sets in (Editing, Proofreading, Design and Layout, Approval and Printing).

  • Editing entails: Re-organization of the script for the flow, transitions and fact checking, grammar, spelling, plotting, pacing, fixing plot holes, characterization, the general prospective outcome of the book and suggestions on new approaches and current dynamics in publishing such books.
  • Design includes: Typesetting for the margin size, typeface, font size, the style of chapter starts, trim size, cover images and dimensions etc.

N/B: This process is consultative. The Editor and author works together to ensure that both are on the same page at all times.

5. Evidence:

The complete book is handed over to the author for approval. Cheers to the latest book in the word!

6. Presentation:

Book launch or Distribution arrangements are made (if desired).

7. Inspiration:

Your book is now ready to influence the world. With this, your name is permanently written in history. Congratulations

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