Self-Publishing Pricing

Get the essentials you need to publish like a professional author.

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Evaluation of Manuscript

0-50,000 words –Ksh.15,960

50,000-100,000 words– Ksh.17,820

100,000-200,000 words –Ksh. 23,880

Above 200,000 words – To be discussed

Comprehensive Editorial Work(Editing & Proofreading)

1: Proofreading

Character-by-character review

–Ksh. 0.75 Per word.

 2: Copy Editing

Word-by-word mechanical edit

– Ksh. 1.3 per word.

3: Line Editing

Line-by-line stylistic editing

– Ksh. 2 per word

Cover Design and Complete Layout(with Limited marketing posters)

No. of Pages

0-50,000 Words- Ksh. 23,200

50,000-100,000 Words-Ksh. 34,800

100,000 and above- Ksh.46,400

Service Cost(ISBN and Copyright Registration, General advisory, Administrative Costs(related to the book), Publishing consultancy, Printing Coordination ) Ksh. 37,120
Printing (Available in Print on Demand-PoD and Mass Printing). Based on Method chosen and specifications of the book
Total To be calculated based on your manuscript

Please note:

  • The client pays a down payment of 60% of the total publication cost before any work commences, 20% of the remaining amount is paid once the work is done and approved (soft copy), and the other 20% upon receipt of the sample copies of the book (hard copy).
  • Marketing, sales, and distribution are the responsibility of the author unless otherwise agreed with PortableVoices.
  • All proceeds from the sales belong to the client except where the distribution fee is charged.
  • The contract of the book elapses when the client approves the work upon the receipt of soft copies (writing done in email), and hardcopy (signed physical copy of approval letter). Thereafter, any proposed change is regarded as a new project whose cost is renegotiated and paid separately. Approval of the work must be done in writing.

The author is required to provide 5 copies of the published book to PortableVoices for official cataloging procedures according to Books and Magazines Act Cap 111

With Every Title Published Through PortableVoices You Will Receive:

  • Editing & Proof Reading (Up to 50K words)
  • Standard Pagination + Typesetting
  • Royalties Payment (100%)
  • Post Publishing Support
  • Global book distribution
  • Online sales reporting
  • Free publishing tools and resources (weekly blog, podcast, online courses, downloadable guides, and more)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable advertising opportunities
  • Access to PortableVoices’ book-building tools