What is MRP and how can I decide the MRP of my book?

MRP is the maximum retail price for a book. It covers the production and distribution cost of your book.
You can decide any maximum retail price for your book but it should cover the cost involved in the production and distribution of your book.
We can guide you to set MRP of your book. Please email us the word count of your manuscript at portablevoices@gmail.com and receive swift guidance.

How is the royalty calculated?

Royalty is calculated as the difference between the MRP of the book and the cost gone into the production and distribution.
Net Profit = MRP – Expenses (Production Cost + Distribution Cost).
We provide 100% of the net profit to the author as royalty.
We can guide you to set MRP of your book and calculate the royalty on that. Please email us the word count of your manuscript at portablevoices@gmail.com and receive swift guidance.

What do the book production cost and distribution cost include?

The production cost includes printing cost, packing cost, labeling cost, the service charge of us & miscellaneous.
We have partners to distribute your published books through the world’s leading online and physical distribution channels. The distribution cost includes the commission for online and physical distribution partners.
Please note that there is no distribution cost if your book is sold through Exceller Book Store.

How can I track my book sale and royalty amount?

Our author dashboard enables you to track the progress of the book. Authors also get keep count of sales and royalty easily.

Audiobook Costs and Royalty sharing options: