PV Talent Agency represents and manage professional artists, storytellers, and entertainers. We help them monetize their crafts..


Positioned at the nexus of talent, content, brands, technology, sports, and live events, PV Talent Agency creates limitless opportunities for the storytellers, trendsetters, icons, and thought leaders who shape popular culture.

Across film, television, music, sports, digital media, marketing, and beyond, we represent thousands of the world’s leading actors, directors, writers, producers, musical artists, comedians, authors, athletes, coaches, broadcasters, teams, leagues, chefs, designers, fashion talent, consumer brands, and more.

Creative stars come from diverse backgrounds but are driven by a common desire to share their excitement and experiences. PV Creative Talent Agency offers a unique journey through presenting, audio and video, organized by collections and themes. PV Creative Talent Agency provides a wide range of services aimed at serving each client by using specific optimizing strategies based on their goals and their industry.

Our clients are some of the most acclaimed figures in film, television, news, music, sports, theater, fine art, books, video games, podcasts, and other social and digital content.

At the heart of PV Creative Talent Agency is a culture of entrepreneurship. Our reach and service to our clients is driven by some of the world’s most seasoned, talented agents, as well as executives with deep expertise in a broad range of disciplines, from data analysis and trend forecasting to public relations and crisis communications. From branding and design, to philanthropic outreach, and much more.

What unites us is an unwavering passion for media and entertainment; for business and the arts. What animates us is the work of shaping talent, building careers, and telling stories. We help our clients move, entertain, inform, and inspire the world.


PV Creative Talent Agency’s talents are driving the world of entertainment. As our clients invent new ways to work and create, to inspire and connect, PV Creative Talent Agency finds new ways to help them succeed.


PV Creative Talent Agency represents authors, journalists, estates and life rights–creators of every stripe, across all media, ensuring the right projects find the right platform.


PV Creative Talent Agency elevates artists careers by bringing artists together with leading global brands, while helping brands shape public perception and drive engagement.


PV Creative Talent Agency works with established, native podcast creators, brands, and companies, as well as Voice over talent, to launch and grow franchises and extend them across platforms into traditional, new, and experiential media.


PV Creative Talent Agency represents distinctive and world-renowned roster of comic talent is unrivaled in the industry. From stand-up to podcasts, from colleges to arenas.


PV Creative Talent Agency is the home to the most original, successful, and pioneering digital influencers at work today, shaping the world of content and changing the face of entertainment.


We’re a team of seasoned agents representing professional talent of all ages, types, and languages worldwide, most with their own pro home studios.


To Join, email your details (full name, CV/profile and links to your social media accounts) to portablevoices@gmail.com.