Building Portifolio & Collaborate

PortableVoices Creatives Club is a membership program that allows content creators to access professional studio services and get media training and production support and collaboration opportunities among other benefits.

Who Can Join?

We want to work with you and other local partners to help grow your profession and strengthen collaboration.

  • Podcasters,
  • Journalists,
  • Spoken word artists
  • Journalism students,
  • Voice over artists, 
  • Youtubers,
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs looking to promote their businesses through creating content


Access to Studio

1 hour per week FREE studio time to record a podcast or voice over.

Trainings and Workshops:

Free media training workshops to help you tell stories that will stand out.

Production Support

Free editorial, production, and publishing support

Build Your Personal Portfolio

If you’re serious about freelancing, strengthen your CV Portfolio and use PortableVoices to help get more gigs.

Become a Member

PortableVoices Creatives Club operates on an annual membership basis
The charges include:

– Individual Membership : Kshs 12,000/year
– Student Membership : Kshs 6,000/year

Ready to join the PortableVoices Creatives Community?