About project

Period: June – July 2020

Client: Somo Africa

Subject: Somo IVR

The Somo IVR project was a project implemented by Somo to teach entrepreneurs and portfolio companies the skills needed to run and grow business using an IVR system.

Our Task Was

PortableVoices was hired to handle the recording, audio editing, and mixing and mastering of the audios and format them to meet the specifications of the IVR system.


As part of our process PortableVoices handled the scripting and artist preparation during preproduction, then we oversaw the recording and production of the audios and in post-production, we handled the audio mixing and mastering and worked with the client to ensure the project meant all the specifications.

  • Artist preparation
  • Audio Recording
  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Mixing and Mastering
  • Audio Formatting
  • Client Feedback Integration.


At the end of the Project we 16 audio lessons were delivered which covered a cross range of topics. The project is currently be piloted among Somo Africa’s  Entrepreneurs

  • 16 Lessons
  • Currently in implementation stage


Through the IVR systems anyone will be able to access the audio lessons through the mobile on any mobile phone. The project will therefore improve the information gap and increase access to knowledge on entrepreneurship especially to upcoming entrepreneurs in rural areas.