About Project

Period: October – November 2020

Client: Somo Africa

Subject: Digi Somo Buruka Training Videos

Buruka is a 3-month training program by Somo Africa that teaches business skills, storytelling, and financial literacy. The training is tailored to the needs of each entrepreneur and driven by the market research they conduct with the assistance of Somo Africa.

Our Task Was

PortableVoices was hired to help digitize the training curriculum by producing a series of interactive training videos that would enable the entrepreneurs to continue learning during the period of COVID-19 and post COVID – 19 pandemic.


PortableVoices collaborated with the somo trainers and volunteering illustrators to develop interactive presentations. Portablevoices then oversaw the filming, video editing, and post production of the videos where our creative team put every pieces together and added motion graphics to the videos to ensure maximum interactivity of the videos.

  • Teaching guide development
  • Filming
  • Video Editing
  • Post-Production
  • Motion Graphics


At the end of the project, we filmed and produced 30 training videos that have since been used to conduct online training.

  • 30 videos produced


PortableVoices demonstrated our commitment to supporting our clients go past the pandemic by helping find ways to produce the content despite the stay at home restrictions that were being enforced at the time of the project.