Voices in a Generation


Voices in a Generation is a compilation of short stories from alumni of Strathmore University, Great Books course,. These stories express the daily lives of Kenyans from all walks.or life…detailing love, politics unemployment, family, betrayal, revenge and more

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The stories and poems in this collection have been contributed by the Great Books 2 students at Strathmore University in Kenya who took the course between 2011 and 2013- submission of a creative work was a requirement.

One of the hardest parts of the writing process was that save for the few who are budding writers most of us had never written let alone asked to voice our thoughts in this format, it was hard to even know what to say –but not impossible as it turned out.

As I listened to my colleagues submissions, I recognized that this was not just “class work”, but truly an expression of the soul and meaning of our lives, and the assignment became a platform for our self expression.  I knew that this moment should be captured because these were the voices of our generation. Hence, with the support of my colleagues, I began the project of compiling and editing their submissions to form this anthology.

While this compilation captures individual thought and style of expression, every submission is weighted with a truly personal interpretation of the world. If there is one thing we learnt with this writing exercise it was that self expression is very important and that everyone should have the opportunity to do so therefore, I hope that this work will also inspire other young people out there to keep writing.


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