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PortableVoices eStore is your one-stop-shop to sell self-published eBooks and printed books straight to readers. With PortableVoices eStore, you can earn more profits, get paid faster, grow your audience, and maintain total control of your page content. And best of all: it’s free to all PortableVoices distributed authors.

When you sell your eBook with PortableVoices eStore:

  • Readers can enjoy your eBook in multiple formats (ePub, mobi, and PDF).
  • Set your own price and earn 85% of your retail sales.
  • Readers can choose where to purchase your eBook—through PortableVoices, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other popular retailers.
  • Track your page traffic daily with custom dashboard reporting.

When you sell your printed book with POD:

  • You can make up to 3X as much on retail sales in comparison to other online retail outlets.
  • Set your own price and earn 50% of your retail sales.
  • You get paid faster. We’ll deposit your money within one week of purchase.
  • Your book is guaranteed to always be available.
  • Your book is up for sale quickly – usually within 10 days of your finalized book production order.
  • Track your page daily with custom dashboard reporting.

BookStore you can trust

Enjoy more control and higher royalty rates when you sell on PortableVoices Online Bookstore.

  • You make 80% royalties on your retail price—up to 3x more than other self-publishing options.
  • You get paid faster—just days after your book is ordered.
  • Your printed book is guaranteed to be available.
  • Your book is up for sale within a few days of your finalized book printing order.

Why Choose PortableVoices Translation Services?

Reach more potential readers with the exclusive Promotion Bundle

A Ksh. 15,000 value only available with the All-In-One Self-Publishing Package. Our bundle puts your book front and center:

  • As a New Release on the front page of the PortableVoices eStore for one week.
  • Discovery email sent to thousands of book buyers browsing for new titles.
  • On the eStore Facebook feed with a direct link to your sales page.

Sales Analytics:

Ever wonder who bought your book and how they found it? Well now you can now track all your sales data and buyer metrics in one place, directly from your account dashboard–a Bookshop exclusive–giving you access to data about your potential readers to help you sell more books. Just another reason your custom BookBaby Bookshop page should be your primary retail outlet.

  • Daily traffic updates
  • Traffic sources
  • Location
  • Device Type

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do my readers buy my book?

As a distributed author of PortableVoices your readers can purchase the eBook or POD print book directly. If you want to give readers the choice of where to purchase your book, it’s important that you provide links to your preferred Book retailer sites (Amazon, Barnes & Jumia Books, Nuria, Attic Books, etc.) — so your fans can click those links to purchase your book.