What exactly are motion graphics?

Although the term ‘motion graphics’ is quite broad, it essentially refers to graphics that create the illusion of motion. Even though ‘motion graphics’ can be designated to anything from abstract animation to the presentation of data, it is generally reserved for the commercial side of things, as well as effects and animations applied to video and interactive applications.

What Is the Difference Between Motion Graphics and Animation?

In a general sense, animation can actually fall under the umbrella term of ‘motion graphics’. But, in the context of the commercial video world, they are different things.

The main difference is that animation is generally story and character led. This is an excellent way to go for something like advertising, especially when what you are selling is an experience of some kind – this makes it easier for the viewer to empathise with whatever you are trying to convey. However, if you are trying to convey data or information concisely or selling something that is not ‘story appropriate’, animation is probably not the way to go!

So, no matter which industry your business is in, our team will be able to propose a motion graphics solution for you. You may send the brief and goals that you wish to achieve with a video, and we will take it from there.

Why Should You Choose Our Motion Graphics Services

Captivating. It’s true – technical information can be boring! Boring information is much harder to remember. Motion graphics can transform dull facts and stats into something much more visually engaging and memorable with effects and animations.

Versatile. There are so many options you can explore with this medium. The process of making these videos invites creativity and innovation. As well as the scope for motion graphics being large, there are also design methods that can be easily combined with other visual and audio techniques to make your company or brand stand out from the crowd.

The Advantages of Motion Design

Brand Awareness. Audiences remember videos. They are far more likely to make a lasting connection with your business through video than through any other medium. There are so many visual elements you can include into the final product to get your viewers to recognize your brand. From video design, logos, music choices to products and color schemes – these are all elements that are a part of the fundamental building blocks of establishing your brand.

Conversation Starters. Nothing gets more attention than a well-made video. Also, your feedback is immediate – people can comment on your video in real time. This makes for the perfect primary research, as you can gauge your consumer’s reaction right away.

Fast Moving, Far Reaching. A video can make it across to the other side of the world in seconds. Videos are shared more than anything online by quite a large margin. Great motion graphics design will ensure a great video that communicates and resonates with people all over the world, helping your company leap into the global consciousness.

Motion Graphics Styles We Do

2D Motion Graphics

This is the classic motion design style. We create or use your existing images and animate them.

A good option for app demos, startup videos, blockchain explainers, tech and software animation, and more.

2D Motion Graphics With Characters

This is one of the most popular choices for animated explainer videos. It’s because with characters we can showcase your customer’s potential experience.

A great option for all kinds of projects — finance, medical, startup, presentation videos, sales videos, and expo videos.

Isometric Motion Graphics

Isometric is a way to create the illusion of 3D without the visual actually being modeled and rendered in 3D.

Did you ever draw those 3D cubes in school when you were bored? That’s essentially what this is. It makes the visuals pop and gives the graphics depth.

This technique looks great, yet saves time and money for all parties involved compared to working in full 3D.

2D Motion Graphics In Live-Action videos

Using keying, tracking, and rotoscoping, we seamlessly add motion graphics to live-action video, whether it’s original or stock footage.

Occasionally we will also use 3D graphics if necessary for added emotional effect or if your product should be shown from different angles.

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