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PortableVoices’ team provides you with the expertise you need to get your digital learning strategy off the ground.

At PortableVoices, we offer our clients a wide range of consulting services that help them better plan, implement, and measure their learning initiatives. From formulating effective learning strategy to identifying best learning management system, we develop training approaches that provide you with strong foundation for learning road-maps, performance evaluation, skills selection, and job design.

Through our consulting services, we help you identify key learning challenges and best solutions to overcome them. Our team of experienced consultants enables you to track the effectiveness of your learning campaigns in real-time and thus improve overall business performance and ROI.

Our Consulting Services include:

✓   Planning effective learning strategy and design

✓   Defining content strategy and task analysis

✓   Selection of learning management system

✓   Strategy for system-wide solutions implementation

✓   Translation and localization support

✓   Review of existing learning programs and systems

✓   Defining the right approach for assessments

✓   Making eLearning platforms and content accessible to visually and hearing impaired.

Our areas of expertise include


If your team is new to learning initiatives or looking to seriously think through the strategy and activities, we can help. Our consultation services are designed to help you get clarity on what you’ll need before moving forward with a project.

Sessions we’ve worked with clients on include:


PortableVoices eLearning consulting services are designed to help you successfully launch high-profile learning initiatives, and measure the true ROI of those experiences. With our expertise, we can offer valuable insight into how learning needs and outcomes might change over time, with consultative packages targeted to your needs.

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