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Making the eLearning More Accessible to People with Disabilities

Providing businesses, professional training vendors, L&D, and publishers with future-proof digital accessibility solutions.


Bringing disabilities and other impairments into the picture

Today, a lot of websites and interfaces are designed without consideration for the disabled and their user experience. Yet information technology is a real integration lever for this demographic, as it often provides them with extra independence. An accessible website or mobile application and eLearning content will necessarily be easier to use for valid persons.

Depending on the type of disability, the most commonly identified web usability issues differ – please find on the opposite page (or above, or below) a table summarizing these obstacles.


  • No optional text alongside images
  • Identical links on the same page
  • No alternatives for frames or scripts
  • Low colour contrast


  • Non-adaptable keyboard
  • Mouse and keyboard must be used simultaneously


  • Sound signs laid out without captions
  • No subtitles on videos


  • Structural elements of page are poorly utilized
  • Lack of consistent navigational structure

Accessibility is about inclusivity. It’s about making content available to everyone, regardless of their disability or visual impairment. Content produced with accessibility in mind can reach a wide audience while creating an inclusive environment for all users, including people with disabilities and those who need to use screen readers.​

With the increasing number of people with disabilities in the workforce, access to information and services has become a priority for many companies. We’ve made it our mission to provide them with the best eLearning accessibility solutions by bringing together the right people, technology, and resources to create accessible eLearning content.

Accessibility Services Provided by PortableVoices

The provision of accessibility services requires professional expertise. We have Accessibility Audit Experts, eLearning Accessibility Experts, and Accessibility Testing Experts on board. and we’re committed to ensuring your digital content is accessible to everyone.

Accessible Content Development

All kinds of legacy content (videos, HTML5 interactivities, PDFs, eLearning courses, etc.) can be made accessible in a fast and reliable way.

Video Accessibility

The subtitling/closed captioning services we provide include transcriptions of videos, the creation of SRT files for English, and other language localizations.

Alt Texts

To help people with disabilities access images, media, applets, and other non-text content online, we create alt text (both ``Long`` and ``Short``).

PDF Accessibility

Assessing and resolving PDF accessibility issues is extremely important. Documents in PDF format are often used for legal purposes and to convey sensitive information.

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