Our Mission

Ears for Eyes Initiative supports education of visually impaired children through creation and curation of audio learning content.

1. Audio Content Creation

Through the support of PortableVoices Studios, Ears for Eyes Creates and Curates audio learning resource adapted for different listening abilities of Visually Impaired children to enable them to learn and access information…on the GO>

2. Voice Based Assistive Devices

We are also now preparing to develop a wireless voice-based smart speaker that enables visually impaired to easily and conveniently listen to audio learning materials and additional audio programming.

Why We're Doing This

Visually impaired students are at a significant disadvantage to their non-visually impaired peers due to lack of adequate learning materials and assistive devices.

  1. Assistive devices are:
    • Expensive
    • Lack adequate local supply
    • Mainly targeted for US / Europe market
  2. There are inadequate audio learning materials based on the new curriculum being rolled out by the Kenyan government

10% Of PortableVoices Revenue is Donated to the Cause

In addition to deploying part of our cash reserves to fund content production. PortableVoices commits 10% of ongoing sales and profit of each client project we undertake. With hundreds of children still in need of audio content, this is one of the ways we are using to do more.

KSH 3 Million

Target Amount per Year


Target Children Reach per Year


Target Audio Hours Produced per Year

Help Us Produce More Content

Over 1 million children are in need of our content and we have the capacity to produce 5 hours of audio content per week.

All we need is people to help fund production. All content we produced is made free to access.


Paybill: 522 522
Account: 1205575499

You can also contribute in the following ways:

  1. Donate a children book
  2. Donate a laptop or recording equipment
  3. Corporate sponsorships