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As member of PortableVoices Creatives Club, you get the benefit of our value added services that allow you to get more content done, reduce costs and collaboration opportunities with other creatives.

Access to Studio

Get up to 6 hours per month studio time plus dedicated production support.

Trainings and Workshops:

Free media training workshops to help you tell stories that will stand out.

Production Support

Free editorial, production, and publishing support

Advertising Representation

Get advertising opportunities for the great content you create.

Customer Support

Access 24/7 customer support to help answer any concerns and questions

Co-working space

Working and relaxing space at our facilities and partner creative hubs.

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Ksh. 500 per month

What You Get: 

  • ✓ Co-working space,
  • ✓ Workshops and Events,
  • 5% discount when hiring production equipment.



Ksh. 4,500 per month

What You Get: 

  • 4 – 6 hours Studio time per month
  • ✓ Editorial and production support,
  • ✓ Co-working space,
  • ✓ Workshops and Events,
  • 30% discount when hiring production equipment.
  • ✓ Publishing support.