E-learning Content Development

We use the latest learning technology, backed by proven learning principles and design thinking, to bring your content to life. Whether you have an existing training curriculum that needs a facelift or you’re developing a new learning initiative from scratch, we partner with you to create the right solution for your audience and training needs.

Our Capabilities


Video, audio, and animation bring concepts to life, whether seeing a new skill played out in a scenario, hearing a company message from a peer, or interacting with a 3D object.

From design to production to the final details, our talented team of artists, writers, and multimedia developers collaborate with you every step of the way.


There are times when you might need to re-create your training content, updating content as well as changing the design. Our team can redevelop your content ground-up, using your existing material as the basis for a completely new learning experience.


With time, training content requires to be updated. Our team can coordinate with you to upgrade the content, ensuring consistency with your existing content. We can increase the shelf-life of your existing training courses by removing redundant information and adding relevant, updated content.


When we create courseware for you, we ensure that all your language needs are met. Backed by a large network of native language experts we ensure that the courses we create are perfect in the languages you specify. Our exhaustive network enables us to provide services in almost every language spoken across the globe.

Localization is not only about translation – and we understand the need to be culturally sensitive. We take into account local cultures and sensitivities while adapting your course to any language, ensuring that when you reach out to your learners, you can be confident there’s no loss of message in translation.

Our Approach

Our eLearning content development process follow a three-step approach starting with our consultancy services, where we establish an understanding of the requirements, the audience, and the topic for the eLearning product. During the conceptualization phase, our team designs the learning offering. After final agreement and approvals from our client, we proceed into the production phase, where the content team starts the development of the actual learning materials.

Whether you like to seek for support, design your own eLearning material or if you would like to outsource the entire production cycle, PortableVoices offers a scalable service model, tailored to your needs.

We are Multilingual:

We develop content in multiple African and international languages including:

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