Case Study: Expanding Global Reach with Multilingual Training Videos for RefuSHE

Discover how PortableVoices collaborated with Diallo Communication to break language barriers and make training more inclusive. Read the case study now

Project overview:

PortableVoices, a creative agency specializing in media production, publishing, and marketing services, collaborated with Diallo Communications Ltd to address the challenge of offering training videos in multiple languages. This project aimed to help their client RefuSHE extend its reach to a more diverse, global audience.

Client challenges solved:
  1. Diverse Audience: RefuSHE had a diverse audience, including clients, candidates, and partners from various linguistic backgrounds. Ensuring that training materials were accessible to all was a significant challenge.
  2. Global Expansion: The client’s expansion plans required them to reach potential clients and candidates in different regions and countries, demanding content localization to reach a wider audience.
  3. Effective Localization: Maintaining the quality, accuracy, and cultural relevance of the training materials was a critical concern.
Solutions provide:
  1. Content Translation: PortableVoices offered comprehensive content translation services, ensuring that training videos, scripts, and subtitles were accurately translated into multiple languages. This enabled the client to reach non-English speaking audiences effectively.
  2. Captioning: The agency provided captioning services to make the training videos accessible to the hearing-impaired, thus ensuring inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards.
  3. Cultural Adaptation: PortableVoices worked closely with Preferred Personnel Africa to adapt the content to different cultural contexts, ensuring that it resonated with the target audience.
  1. Global Accessibility: By offering training videos in multiple languages, RefuSHE significantly increased its global accessibility, connecting with clients, candidates, and partners from diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  2. Enhanced Inclusivity: The addition of captioning made the training materials more inclusive, catering to a wider audience, including the hearing-impaired.
  3. Market Expansion: The client’s reach expanded to new regions and markets, leading to an increase in business inquiries, partnerships, and candidate engagement.
  4. Positive Feedback: Clients and candidates appreciated the effort to provide content in their native languages, resulting in positive feedback and increased trust in the brand.

The collaboration between Diallo Communications Ltd and PortableVoices successfully addressed the challenge of offering training videos in multiple languages. This not only expanded the client’s global reach but also enhanced inclusivity and accessibility. The case study illustrates the significance of content localization and accessibility in reaching diverse audiences and fostering expansion in a competitive industry.

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