Start-to-Pro Book Writing Induction Course is a 4-week book writing foundational course that will show you how to:

  • Take your book from idea to first draft in as little as 4 weeks.
  • Maximize your time, energy and efficiency so you can start and easily finish your book without putting the rest of your life on hold.
  • Write your best book


Next Cohort Starts Feb 4, 2023

Program Info:

Beginner Level

No experience necessary, just a passionate desire to write a book.

Shareable Certificate

Earn a Certificate upon completion

Course Contents

Week 1: Writing Basics

No one talks the same way as another person. We all talk in unique voices. So do we in writing. In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of expressing yourself through the pen and finding your author/writer voice in a way that readers will understand and relate to your writing.

What is covered?

  • Why writing?
  • Planning and Executing writing the plan
  • Different routes, one journey: Options for genres
  • Options for Outlets; Blogging, Book Publishing or E-Publishing?
  • Common mistakes made by writers and how to avoid them

Week 2: Staying the Writing Course

Learn how to slay two monsters that have killed many budding writers who have fallen for their charms.

What’s Covered:

  • Reading and other habits that make you a better writer.
  • Storytelling 101: captivating using the written word.
  • Elements of a story.
  • Blank: Dealing with Writers Block and Excuses
  • Making money from your writing

Week 3: Proofreading and Editing

Learn how to make your work palatable and presentable.

This module allows you to present your work to the world like the great writer/author that you are.

What’s Covered:

  • Writing from the heart and editing with no mercy
  • Tips and tricks to proofread and edit your own work
  • Engaging a Professional Editor/ Proofreader
  • Publishing Options for you

Week 4: Making Money as a Writer

Get to know how to put your writing skills to work for you.

What’s Covered: 

  • Standing out as a writer by choosing your niche
  • Opportunities available for you
  • Social media marketing for writers
  • Marketing and Distributing your work


✔ Know how to structure and outline your story

✔ Overcome the common author fears

✔ Develop a book writing plan

✔ Polish your book with our editing process


Creative Writing

Story Telling

✔ create a compelling book proposal