Book & Author Marketing Consulting

Proven methods to launch and promote your book, build your brand, establish you as a thought leader, and grow your business. Tell us your preferred outcome and we’ll plot a path to success.


6 Months Custom Outreach Plan.

  • Want to ensure their message reaches as many people as possible.
  • Are looking for a comprehensive strategy to reach readers.
  • Are willing to pay to collaborate with a team of professionals.

What is Included?

Our author and book marketing consulting program will help you build and execute the marketing plan your book deserves, so you can share your message, make an impact, and build credibility as a professional author.

Establish Your Brand

Get clear on your Why

Define your goals so that you can properly set expectations and priorities.

Define and refine your Who

Determine your target audience so you’re perfectly positioned to wow them.

Position your message for Wow

Detail the correct angles and hooks to solve your reader’s problems.

Activate and Grow Your Network

Drive initial book reviews from your inner circle

Elicit reviews from your immediate network to help push early sales.

Activate your most valuable relationships

Define and activate your centers of influence to share your new book.

Connect with industry influencers

Connect with thought leaders by letting them know how they’ve inspired you.

Leverage Your Book

Boost credibility and authority

Prominently place your book in all channels to secure media and clients.

Drive visibility and partnerships

Actively showcase your book to drive brand visibility and generate partnerships.

Generate new leads

Leverage your book to start the conversation with potential new clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you go about figuring out media strategy?

We start with creating a customized strategic plan – the Footprint Strategy. We start by identifying people who have successfully reached and impacted the audience we want to reach, and use them as our guides. We then methodically research what media the top 5-10 people in your field have secured that have been most impactful in elevating them to that level. We now have a powerful list of outlets that could make a big impact for you and your book.

Can you help me with reaching out to ______?


We work together to determine which outreach will be most effective.

We’re happy to dedicate our time and energy to whatever will support your goals most.