PortableVoices Write With a Coach Program is a proven Book Writing Coaching & Consultation Program that provides you with coaching and consultation you need to write, publish, and market your book — within a year. We equip you with guidance, accountability, and support so you can focus on one thing—writing!

Ksh. 5,000/m

for 12 months,

We guide you through the writing process, then we do the publishing.

Get professional guidance on your work.

PortableVoices Write With a Coach Program gives writers one-on-one guidance for their works-in-progress. We partner each aspiring author with an experienced writing coach as a personal coach to provide you with customized strategic support..

1-on-1 Coaching

With 4 one-on-one coaching calls, our experienced writing coaches will help you tailor your book to reach your intended audience, uncover your hidden strengths and weaknesses, and hold you accountable to meet your goals. You’ll walk away with a well-written book, a plan to publish and market your bestseller, and everything you need to know to use it as a tool to build your brand, grow your business, or share an impactful message.

Group Coaching

After you have begun your positioning and outline, you will attend a three-day workshop, led by our senior editors. They will review everything you have done so far, and ensure your book positioning is correct, your structure and outline are working, and review any writing you have done thus far. They will also go deeper than the instruction in the Book Course, to ensure you know you’re on the path to writing a great book.

Daily Coaching Office Hours

After the workshop, you’ll be having coaching sessions with your book writing coach who will help you at every step and hold you accountable to the writing schedule you have chosen. These coaching calls are scheduled live on Zoom. You’re welcome to drop in and ask (or answer!) questions as they come up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the Write With a Coach Program?

You get everything you need to confidently write, publish, and market your book. Literally everything.

Are the workshops held virtually or in-person?

The three days Authors spend with us are pivotal, and will get you a level of clarity and momentum that cannot be duplicated any other way. Right now, we only offer workshops in-person.

You will leave after three days with all of this done:

  1. Book Positioning
  2. Outline
  3. Writing Plan
  4. Editing Plan
  5. Chapter deadlines
  6. Editing deadlines
  7. Fears brought up and addressed

What support do I get after the workshop?

After the workshop, there are three primary avenues of support:

  1. Weekly Group Coaching Calls: These occur every Tuesday at 12:30pm Eastern Time. The Scribe Senior Editorial team is on the calls to help with any questions any authors have about anything. For most authors, these calls act as accountability and commiseration calls. Basically, authors use them as places to see their friends, learn from one another, and make sure they are on track.
  2. Three One-on-One Editor Consults: Throughout the book journey, you can book up to three half-hour individual consults with an editor. Authors use these calls to troubleshoot roadblocks along the writing process, get feedback to improve their outline, or review a chapter of their work.

Here’s the main thing you need to know: we will do whatever it takes to help you write a great book, and get it published.

Is editing included? How does the editing work?

Yes, editing is included. Once you finish the rough draft of your manuscript, then you hand it to us for a complete content edit. Your manuscript will be fully edited by a member of our editing team.

As to how we edit, we tell our authors this:

“We will hurt your feelings before we let you publish a bad book.”

Our first goal in this edit is to ensure your book is not bad. If it is, we will tell you where it’s bad and how to fix it.

Once we know it’s not bad (and they are rarely bad), then the goal is to help you take it from good to great.

We will push you to write the best book possible, because our name is on the book as well as yours.

Is publishing included? How does publishing work?

No. Our professional publishing services are charge separately.

Do I have to take a year, or can I go faster?

Authors get to pay for the program over a year, but you can go as fast as you want. We’ve had authors turn in their manuscript two months after their workshop, and then have their book published and out only five months after that (for a 7 month start to finish time).

The only catch is that in order for us to fully publish your book, you must be paid in full.