WhatsApp has a user base of around 2bn in over 180 countries, which makes it one of the largest online messaging platforms in the world. Many brands are rapidly adopting WhatsApp Business API as their target audience are already using it and it gives them an opportunity to connect with their customers globally in a more customized, secured, and simplified way. 

The WhatsApp Business app offers a way to interact and engage with customers in a direct, personal and targeted way.

Account options

WhatsApp Business provides two types of accounts for companies that suit different needs. The regular business account helps separate personal and work messages while providing a convenient way to be responsive to customers.

Growing companies might want to consider the WhatsApp Business API account designed for larger enterprises. This pay-to-use platform allows for multiple users, providing opportunities for both sales and customer service teams to interact with customers. 

Messaging tools for engagement

One of the most important aspects of WhatsApp Business is its messaging capability, which connects a brand to its audience and customer base. With open messaging options, a company can send unlimited free messages in multiple formats. Automation features also provide a way to deliver timely responses. 

The messaging system encourages proactive contact with your audience. If you have a customer or lead’s phone number, you can use WhatsApp Business to send an initial welcome message to each contact. While you won’t want to overdo it by sending too many messages, this channel becomes an alternative or additional channel to connect with your target audience or existing customers. 

There is also a broadcast tool, which allows you to send any type of content to up to 256 people on each broadcast list you have created. Although contacts will only receive the broadcast if they have saved your number, this is an efficient way to send out a campaign quickly. You can also segment your contacts and then create broadcast campaigns related to appointments, shipping information and booking requests that match those groups or personas.

Group messaging is another engagement and collaboration tool. Similar to broadcasting, this tool offers group chat capability so that everyone can interact and see contact details. Available for up to 256 contacts in one group, the tool is effective for networking, beta testing, focus groups and service meetings.  

Business presence and awareness

You can also use WhatsApp Business to further grow your online presence and reach an even wider audience. One appealing option is to link the app to a Facebook Page. Doing so can help you funnel traffic through various tools like a WhatsApp Send Message Button, Facebook Ads, or a WhatsApp number listed on your Facebook page. 

Analytics to help understand your Audience & Customers

There are some options that provide a way to track key metrics about customers. The WhatsApp Business API product delivers analytics on the number of messages sent and delivered from certain phone numbers. Other metrics include the number of messages that selected phone numbers received from recipients.. The metrics are stored in the Insights tab, but the data can also be exported and segmented by phone number, message type and country. 


WhatsApp Business provides another channel to make connections with your target audience and engage with customers. Voice notes in particular will be great in encouraging people to share their stories.