We provide high quality voice over and sound design services for all kind of interactive media - animations, games, film, documentaries and advertisements.

Our Services

Our audio production process and dedicated creative team allows us to create workflows that meet our client needs, while maintaining creative integrity. Our reputation comes from the clients we work with and the records made in our studios.

Sound Recording

Our facility covers every aspect of sound recording, both studio and field. In-house variety of microphones, preamps, wireless systems & sound recorders alongside with the experience of our engineers are at your disposal. Our specialty is surround film production sound, but we’re also specialized in TV production sound, ADR recording, commercials, voice-overs, talent casting, ENG productions, Foley work and sound for games & multimedia.

Sound Design and 3D audio

Cutting edge creative sound design with custom recorded and processed sounds for film, animation, games, applications, 360 videos and VR. We are also specialized in recording and mixing surround, binaural and ambisonics audio for true 3D audio experience. Our engineers are familiar with industry standard middleware FMOD and Wwise.

Post-production Services

Mixing and Mastering is the art and science of combining sounds, music and voices together to create the final sonic world of the project. We offer mixing and mastering services for both interactive and cinematic media to help you mix, master, and create the best possible sonic experience for your project.

Services offered:

  • Equalization
  • Mixing
  • Mastering