Engage your Potential Customers with Podcast Ads

Our Ads Engage not Interrupt

PortableVoices Advertising lets you create and integrate high quality engaging humanized ads. Our creative team work with you to create custom audio ad campaigns to bring your campaign to life and distribute them through your own channels or our podcasts and marketing channels.

Our ads are created in conversational way to engage not interrupt, so listeners get a great experience and advertisers get better results. Explore more about our audio below.

Why Advertise On Our Podcasts?

We create Podcast Ads that Work. PortableVoices produces and distributes some of the fastest growing podcasts that target kids and millennials. PortableVoices collaborates with brands to create custom ads and branded podcasts that connects with the audiences when they’re tuned.

But other than just stats!

Our hosts personalize your message. They capture listeners’ attention, empower them with knowledge, and satisfy their curiosities. Over time, listeners develop a uniquely engaging, intimate, and trusting relationship with your brand that inspires them to act.


of listeners make it to the end of the episode.

Over 65%

of listeners are able to recall brands that advertised on an episode.

Explore Our Ad Formats


Mentions are live, trustworthy descriptions of a brand, product, or service spoken by the host or our voice artists. We collaborate with brands to craft adverts that are authentic and ensure that they connect with the audiences who hear them.

:60 sec Mid-Roll Segment | PORTABLEVOICES STUDIOS


Segments are highly-produced original stories that bring the experience of a brand, product, or service directly to listeners. We collaborate with brands to develop thoughtful audio narratives that prove your brands’ value through example.

:60 sec Mid-Roll Segment | HIDAYA DIAPERS

Why Podcasts?

Podcasting is a fast-growing medium that is changing the way people access information and brands reach and grow their audience.


85% of people own a smartphone. Podcasts are more accessible now because most smartphones come with a native podcast app.*


55% of people have listened to a podcast. Podcasts have higher listener engagement. 93% of listeners will engage with most of an episode (2019**)



Brands are using podcasts to showcases a unique, personal message about their ethos, social impact and opportunities

Major brands and organizations like Somo Africa, Mdundo and brighter Monday are turning to podcasting to build deeper connections to their audience.

When working with us, you’ll be in good company if you start a podcast for your business.


 Podcasts are more than just a marketing tool. Many brands are using private podcasts to improve internal communication.
Internal podcasts are great for onboarding employees, announcing company-wide policies and updates, and breaking down barriers between executives and team members and engaging customers and brand fans.


We are the right production partner for you. Reach out to us and we will be happy to help you get started.